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Art is life movement
We are standing up.  



For a year and a half theaters and concert halls were closed and the access to art and culture was blocked. Music, acting, dancing, writing, filming, painting, singing - artistic expression in various forms are not just our job, it's the air we breathe. Our society breaths. And needs.

We are a network of courageous artists committed to the fact, that culture needs to take place and be performed safely even in times of crises, and no one should be discriminated or marginalized on the basis of their medical records or the lack of them only for political reasons.

Everyone should have equal access to social and cultural life.

We strongly recommend that visits to cultural events and venues such as theaters, museums, concert halls, cinemas and other locations should be possible and remain possible at all times without any restrictions or controls.

We have created a free and protected space in which we are thinking critically and constructively, in which we are brainstorming together what the position of art and artists should be in times of social turmoil and what the warning role of art should be, when changes are taking place that are unhealthy to our society.

The current political measures promote the division of our society. We do not support this and strongly recommend the path of union, acceptance and solidarity.
We are standing up!



We advocate that particularly controversial works in artistic contexts (on theater stages, in museums, in performances, in films, radio plays, literature and in concert halls) must take place and remain present. They are necessary in order to stimulate controversial discussions and enable provocations.


Flushing up and triggering hidden and suppressed emotions is a core element of art. The work reflects and creates a level of reflection, which can then lead to confrontations with certain themes and emotions. If these spaces are narrowed, blocked or works of art and artists are banned, an important core of social coexistence is missing, namely the view of the existing shadow of social coexistence.


We advocate that culture, art and artists can be and act in a socio-political manner, but must be viewed separately from state interests and party-political decisions. Artists and works should not be directly related to party-political strategies and interests of state powers and must not be placed in geostrategic or national-moral contexts, at least not without considering and interpreting the artistic level.


We advocate that reverse racism, for fear of being perceived as racist on the outside, is also racism. For example, anyone who casts black colleagues in black roles in the radio play has not understood the concept of racism and is acting contrary to what they are proclaiming to the outside world. We represent the attitude of black colleagues on this topic, and of those white and other skin colors who have had experience in this regard. Likewise, this reversal applies to biological gender, gender roles, and politically incorrect views.


Art must have spaces for free expression. Art must be able to offend without having to fear government or existential reprisals. Art needs freedom for contradiction and outrage.


Art claims the freedom to occupy these spaces.

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